10 things not to forget when packing for your holiday!

So……the holiday is booked, the currency has been ordered and you’re scheduled in for your holiday nails and haircut. But what about your packing list? Packing can sometimes feel like a chore, but if you follow our tips below we will make sure you have everything you need for your forthcoming trip!
1. Make a list including a note of your luggage and hand baggage allowances. It might seem a bit silly but writing it all down will help you keep a track of what you are going to need and it can be re-used year after year!
2. Make your cases stand out on the luggage belt with personalised or brightly coloured name tags. It will help you identify your case from all the similar looking ones, and if you include your contact details will help if your luggage gets lost.
3. Limit your liquids. Baggage restrictions state that all liquids carried in hand luggage must be no more than 100ml per item and must fit into one small & re-sealable transparent bag. Anything larger should be packed into your checked-in suitcase. You can buy cheap travel bottles for your essential hand luggage items!
4. Don’t forget your adapters. Do your homework and find out which ones you will need before you go……..don’t leave it until the last minute and end up having to buy the expensive ones from the airport!
5. Pack your first aid kit. Just a small bag with the most necessary pills and potions will suffice. Make sure you’re covered for aches and pains, upset tummies, insect bites and cuts/grazes. And if you’re travelling with kids don’t forget the calpol!
6. Check the weather as close to your holiday as possible. If it’s going to be cold on an evening, make sure you have packed a cardigan or jacket.
7. Don’t get caught out in the sun! If you are heading off to somewhere nice and warm make sure you have plenty of sun lotion and after sun with you. Did you know that our sun lotions have recently been recommended by Which magazine! Our sun lotion is currently on offer at 3 for £10. https://www.avon.uk.com/beauty-service/latest-offers/c09-safe-in-the-sun...
8. Limit your shoes. Do you really need to take 4 pairs of heels and 6 pairs of sandals? Shoes are bulky and can take up space in your suitcase – limit them to a couple of pairs of each at the most if you can.
9. Pack carefully. Many people believe that rolling your clothes is the best way to save space and reduce those pesky wrinkles. Do you agree?
10. Share the essentials. If you are travelling with a partner or friend put half of your clothes in their case and vice versa. Just in case a suitcase goes missing, at least you will be covered for the first few days of your holiday!
And finally, check the expiry dates on your passport and health travel card well in advance of travelling. And don’t worry if you find that your passport expired recently…thank fully the passport office have an emergency renewal service!
But most importantly………enjoy your holiday! You certainly deserve it! Rx