16 weeks off - but now ready to get back to it!

Wow what other business apart from being self employed can give you 16 weeks off, and still be paid with no hassle!!
My husband has been ill (for the second year running - last year I took 10 weeks off)
I've been there for him, visiting in hospital plus the subsequent appointments. Plus my father in law was also ill at the same time, so its been a difficult few months.

I chose to be self employed so I could always be around for the boys and my family, and this is certainly the life I want.

But I'm ready to get back to work and find some more fantastic reps to join AVON.

I have a few of my reps wanting to be team leaders, so luckily have a busy few weeks ahead, plenty of planning and recruiting to be done.

There is a training course I'm going on with a few of my team, held and paid for by AVON, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else is coming in the wonderful Avon world.

And its the best time of the year when the sun starts to shine.