9 tips to help your make up last all day

1 Prepare your skin – make sure your skin is clean, cleansed and exfoliated – this will keep your skin smoother and brighter and your complexion looking fresher and brighter for longer

2 Moisturise your skin everyday with one that suits your skin – try not to use an oil based moisturiser as this doesn’t absorb as quick into the skin

3 Use a primer on both face and your eyes – this will form a barrier that will enable make up to last longer on your skin

4 Use an oil free foundation; apply your make up as usual

5 Dip your eye shadow brush in a primer spray before applying to eyelids (this makes a huge difference)

6 Wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner

7 Mix primer with a little matte lipstick to make a cream blush. This will enable the colour to last longer.

8 Apply your lip liner then your lipstick – blot with a tissue and reapply your lipstick – this will make your lipstick last all day

9 Use a setting powder / or a setting spray – some people use both – always use the powder first