About Me

I have been an Avon rep for 15 years...... I love it But believe me I didn't want to join - I was pushed into it by my neighbour and my Mum and I am so grateful for this. Avon really has changed my life.

I am 47 happily married with 2 sons - my eldest Rob - happily married with a beautiful daughter called Jessica, My youngest son Stephen is 19, still lives at home and works full time..

I have always been self employed since my eldest was born I retrained in accounts so I could stay at home with him....... my youngest was a little longer coming - I had a well established Accounts company that fitted in perfectly with 2 young children - I loved it. Never missed a school show, meeting, I was always there if they were ill, no one else needed to pick up and take them to school.

Then Avon came along...................... I played at Avon for a while.....eventually I had approximately 35 customers and about 7 team members. Something changed with regards to my accounts (couple of my customers taking a long time to pay etc) and so I focused on my Avon business and after 5 months I closed down my accounts company. Working full time on Avon business gave me a whole new meaning to enjoying work, everyday being different and having the privilege of meeting a whole array of people - now and still many team members and customers are still with me.....not to mention my Avon family (the people who work self employed for their business but who we connect and support each other). I now have over 200+ customers and 400+ team members.

I'm very proud to say I finished 12th in the UK in 2014 as a Team/Sales Leader and have finished 68th as a representative. I achieved an all expenses holiday to The Algarve.

There are over 20,000 team leaders and 100,000 representatives in the UK.
Since then unfortunately my husband became ill, so I have had a lot of time off, but I've still managed to finish in the top 60th as a team leader and top 100 reps in the UK.
Avon really is the perfect business to fit round family and other commitments.

Let me help you achieve what you want. from AVON, whether saving for a fridge, holiday, car or a change of career.

This gave me the opportunity to have the flexibility that I have always wanted..

I took the decision to became a Sales Leader, as I had a couple of friends who were interested in joining - all I had to do was teach and train new reps - exactly what I was already doing. .
Call or text AVON plus your name and postcode to 07812 838635 let me get you started. Plus now with online it is so much easier..... and we didn't have our own online store in the beginning - it was all on paper and we have to deliver our 'envelope' to a certain address on a specific day and time. Thank goodness things have changed.