Advanced Leadership

Avon has now updated their Sales Leadership Programme - recruiting new reps - do what I do. I show new people what I do everyday, I will teach you how to be a fantastic rep - looking after customers and/or find and training new leaders.

The New Advanced Leadership is the staring point for starting a new Career with AVON and actually being able to earn money whilst learning and going through the levels. As with my other blog (Avon modernising Sales Leadership). Avon have noted and acted on new representatives and leaders joining the Multi Level Marketing side of the business and realising that it wasn't always achievable to be able to earn whilst learning. The new structure is now active - and now makes this absolutely possible.

Please contact me for more information - 07812 838635.

The Basics

Co-oridinator Level - This is the starting point for you AVON Advanced Leadership business - do you know 5 people who will be interested in joining Avon? If yes then this is the beginning step - don't worry if not - you will be helped to show you how to find people. You can try - come out with me or one of my team for a few hours. Just like becoming an AVON rep you can try for free - take the challenge - what's stopping you?

Leader Level - You'll be more confident in buidling and teaching your team and reaching your earning potential

Executive Level - This level will help you focus and mentor your developing team, and develop long term business strategies

All levels have certain criteria that are achievable - obviously the higher you are the more you need to make sure you are working (within Good Practice) and managing, nurturing, training and striving to achieve your goals and most importantly your teams goals.

Along with this new structure Avon are also giving a Leadership Bonus. This means that you will be supported financially. The first few months of setting up any new business is always the hardest and most expensive - AVON are repaying you - if you put the time and the effort in - I guarantee you will be paid for this.

Like any new business you need to be focused and make sure you can set aside as many hours as possible - some people have a hour a day, some 8 others only 4 hours a week, I can tailor the Advanced Leadership round the hours to suit you.

Contact me for more information - I am always available to help

Rachel - 07812 838635