Ambition and Achievement for All

The choice really is yours.

The AVON opportunity really is for everyone. If you have the Ambition, we as a team can help you achieve your goals - no matter how big or small. We all have our own personal reasons for getting out of bed in the morning. But what is your goal? What is your Ambition?

My first big goal was a new kitchen - and 3 years ago this was achieved. I've waited over 20 years - that really didn't matter - it was a goal and I was working towards it - everyday. The best thing was when the new kitchen was in - no workmen, husband or children - just peace and quiet....... and looking at the kitchen I had dreamed of and worked towards, I cried tears of joy and pride.

The second goal was the top twenty trip to the Algarve - Ive done it. So can you!

I couldn't have done this without my fantastic team - we will do this together.

Don't think you need big goals, and achieve them overnight, they might take years, but everyday you are a step closer - if you continue to keep that goal in mind.

Let me help you achieve your goal. Tell me what you are wanting, whether it be an extra £50 a month or a BMW - it is achieveable, but you will need to work and keep your goals in your mind everyday.

Contact me on 07812 838635 or apply thro the quick contact. I can help you become a succesful Avon rep - serving your customers and also a succesful Sales/Team Leader - teaching others to be a succesful Avon rep and team leader.

I have the experience and I have the passion and ambition to grow your future. Let me help you succed in whatever you are wanting to achieve.

It really is the opportunity of Ambition and Achievement for All (who want it)


Find me on Fbook - Rachel Ding Dong Hainsworth