ANEW Skincare - 5 years in the making

I personally am passionate and believe in the benefits of skincare. I have always moisturised, cleansed and use night cream.

Avon are groundbreaking in some of their products. There are many and I have tried them all - I am great believer in Skincare and feel passionately that people need to look after their skin for a healthy glow and a smoother skin in later life. Your face is one of the first things people see - it needs to look clean and fresh - and although your "looks" can't be changed you can certainly keep your skin hydrated and looking good.

The lastest cream - ANEW Clinical E-Defence - I have now been using for 6 weeks. I can honestly say I can feel a difference in my skin - I love the smell and the feel.

The basics - Your skin has a lot to do with Genetics (Intrinsic) we can't do anything about this. Environmental (Extrinsic) sun damage, stress, smoking, lack of sleep etc. I personally don't smoke, but like everyone I do stress, and like many people I never get enough sleep. I do use sun creams (my Dad has skin cancer - so this is something that I am careful about).

The New ANEW Clinical E-Defence - Deep recovery Cream (copied from the brochure). "Groundbreaking, Smart Repir Technology which was inspired by recent powerful medical advances, is unlike any other skincare technology as with continuous use, it helps to recover damage from deep down within the skin's surface layers. It helps to reduce the look of years of environmental damage and helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and sun spots your skin has had for years". Anthony Gonzalez AVON Research and Development Senior Manager Skincare.

Buy now - don't forget the AVON 28 day money back guarantee - if your not happy - we will reimburse you. No questions, no problems. Speak to me I understand and feel sooo passionately about this product and others in the ANEW range and their uses. Take the 3 day trial - you really will feel a difference. Or even better become a rep and reap all the benefits of AVON. Like me you could have had this product to try before customers - which is why I can talk about this product with the utmost confidence.

Contact me on 07812 838635 or Fbook Rachel Ding Dong Hainsworth