Are you ready for the cold weather?

Not only do we need to keep ourselves protected with lots of layers of clothes to protect us from the cold, but we need to remember our skin and hair.

Snow is on the way………….brrrrrrrr and could make our skin and hair dry and dehydrated.
Even though there seems to be very little sun around at the moment, we should all be protecting our skin with a SPF in our day creams – the UV rays are still about, and unfortunately still damaging.

Cold dries out your skin – especially if you come in doors to the lovely warm central heating, so make sure you are well moisturised – every day after your bath or shower, if not having one, then use some body lotion before getting dressed, and again when getting undressed– you’ll be thankful in the long run.

Hands – everyone at some point has suffered from cracked hands – and they are so painful. Yes wear gloves, but use hand cream… keep making sure you apply moisturiser after you’ve washed your hands throughout the day, and before putting on your gloves. If you do end up with cracked and peeling hands due to the cold, then keep applying hand cream; make sure your hands are thoroughly dry after washing. Wear gloves when out on the cold.

Hair – believe it or not your hair also suffers this weather – and usually gets the static effect when you take of your hat or scarf, but also suffers the dry damage of the cold. Use a great conditioner – I love one that I can leave on for 20 minutes while I’m doing a body scrub and facial, then after finishing with a lovely all over moisturiser. As long as it puts hydration and is a great conditioner it’ll make you feel better and ready for the days ahead and the long cold weeks to come.
Enjoy the cold ………….or keep warm inside.
Rachel x