AVON makes its MARK

Another Exciting New branding from Avon.
Welcome to the new nail colours and new name - MARK, and the biggest gel shade range ever.

I have to be honest - when I first heard and saw the Avon nail gels shines were changing their name to Mark. I had a bit of a 'what is going on - and oooh no moment'. But looking at the branding and thinking of how many more brands have a mans name - to name but a few Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss (yes not quite the same - but nevertheless - great sellers). And we sell plenty of other named brands Tabitha Webb for instance. I'm looking forward to advertising this one.

So yes Avon gels shines are changing their branding - this has actually come from the USA - and are one of the best sellers - so I for one am excited about what this brand will do for my business, other Avon businesses and Avon itself,

So for me, I like to think that Avon are again, making their 'MARK' on the nail wear world.

So whats available?
The Top coat - doubles the wear of any nail polish for longer-lasting, flawless looking nails with Duralast Complex, lock in colour and shine for a durable, salon-perfect finish. Reduces chipping, increases shine and reduces cracking.
We have nude-itude colours
Pastel Brights
In with the Bold
After Dark drama
Some are high impact colours. All colours require No UV lamp needed, They contain nourishing omega oils, they prime, protect and strengthen nails.
As always with all Avon products the 28 day money back no quibble guarantee.

So try yours today. Orders being taken and can be tried before going in the book (due 1st March) contact me for more information 07812 838635