Avon Online

Did you know that you can now Join Avon and run your full business online? – Yes, all online. No need to post a brochure to your friends, family and neighbours – and no boxes of goodies to your door to distribute (altho obviously this is still available to those who want that I personally do a mixture of both on and offline).

How does that work?
I will get you registered with Avon – this will then give you your online store that you can open within 10-15 minutes of our initial contact, plenty of training on your website if needed.
I will train you in everything, and show you how you could earn……. like all Avon reps will get your own online store (mine is www.orderstothedoor.co.uk ) this can be emailed to all your contacts, shared on all forms of social media and sent via text, whats app etc. to all friends etc. They can then order via your online store, pay Avon, Avon will deliver their goodies and you will be paid commission for this.
Another great thing is that any order over £30 is Free delivery. How many of your friends, family and network live too far away for a face to face visit??

Simple, flexible and rewarding. Start earning by simply sharing your store details.
Contact me for more information or to get you started, via Face time/video call (2 forms of ID needed 1 being photo – or for an informal home visit – 2 forms of ID with your name and address)
Rachel 07812 838635