Avon works well with family life, illness or holidays.

After a good few weeks break over the Christmas holidays (and a good few before) - infact I used to take all the school holidays off. I chose to do this so I can be with my children - although they are older now and one even working full-time - I do still love having some time off in the school holidays and being home for them.

Avon works well with taking time off - whether your children are ill, you or a family member are ill, or you just need a break. The whole idea of Avon is to fit it round you and your family life, or your free time.

You can do as much or as little as you like. For me personally Avon is a full-time job, I work full-time hours - so I am getting out a full-time wage (so to speak). But I have had time off and this has been lovely - no pressure from others at work, saying they are doing my job, or if I am well enough being out and about and not having to justify were I am and what I'm doing - the only thing I would advise it to keep upto date with emails and texts, but this can be easily done, but does depend on the size of your customer base or team as to how much time it will take up.

Working as a rep (delivering books) and being ill or being unable to get out, can also work, once you have a customer base, most customers will stay with you - they are almost part of your family - they will work around you. But the greatest tool that Avon has is POB (Personal online brochure) this does mean if you can't get out, you can email your brochure link to any customer that has an email address., obviously delivering the orders you do need to be done, but again some of your customers will pick up its just a matter of letting people know and sticking to what is arranged, if that is possible.

I feel extremely proud to be part of AVON and although at times (like any job) we can moan and complain. I love what I do - it's the flexibility that I love - you work to your maximum and you will get paid to the maximum, work as much or as little as you like or as you can.

Contact me for more information - Rachel 07812 838635