Avon's changing

What’s new? How will it make life easier?

Now we can run our full business online, no need for door to door selling, if that’s what you don’t want to do. (NB Avon will always have door to door, as that what we are known for – but this is now making a great opportunity and getting up to date with the full social selling and earning)

Avon have always had a set day to place orders and a day for delivery, depending on where you lived…. This is now going, this means that we can place our orders at any point between a 21 day window, for a delivery option of 1-5 days . This will also make life so much easier – we can place an order and have our goods quicker which means customers aren’t waiting as long. (Again as above, you can still run on the old system by just having one delivery date over the 3 weeks)

All Avon reps have their own online store (this is mine www.orderstothedoor.co.uk ) you can share this store anywhere, and customers will have the choice of rep delivery or direct (this means that your customer will place an order, pay Avon and you will get commission – just for advertising your store, Or your customers can choose for you to deliver and you can see them face to face.. There is an option to choose one or both - direct orders only, or direct and customer delivery. You choose - how you want to run your business.

Avon really is getting easier and more up to date with modern times.
Yes Avon may be over 130 years old - but have you seen the products????? Everything is modernising... contact me for more information by either the contact form, 07812 838635 or find me on Facebook - Avon Addicts