9 tips to help your make up last all day

1 Prepare your skin – make sure your skin is clean, cleansed and exfoliated – this will keep your skin smoother and brighter and your complexion looking fresher and brighter for longer

2 Moisturise your skin everyday with one that suits your skin – try not to use an oil based moisturiser as this doesn’t absorb as quick into the skin

3 Use a primer on both face and your eyes – this will form a barrier that will enable make up to last longer on your skin

4 Use an oil free foundation; apply your make up as usual


Christmas is coming!

Ding Dong................When was the last time you saw an Avon brochure, or visited the online store?

Its not all about make up and perfume - we sell so much more.

The latest Christmas books are full of gifts and ideas for loved ones from age 1 - 100.
Including Unicorns, Owls, singing and dancing reindeer, bracelets, advent calendars, glitter slippers, Pyjamas, for men, women, boys and girls, light up projector clock, throws, Christmas tree skirt,


Wow - have you seen this??

Get your Avon business off to an amazing start - by purchasing 1 of the 4 starter kits now available.

Avon has changed we no longer have the £16 admin fee - changed over the first 2 campaigns.

We now have Avon starter kits - to get your business started properly within 72 hours of signing up - and still no upfront costs - you place the order and Avon will deliver direct to your door - and payment will be due 13 days from signing up - so 10 days after receiving. Amazing.
So what are Avon offering?


Make up brushes...............Uses

Why do we need different Make up brushes?

There are plenty to choose from including foundation, blusher, eye shadow, blending, eyeliner, kabuki, eyebrow, stippling, contour plus many more.

They all have their own uses and if you are contouring and blending the correct brush is highly recommended……. You can’t change a plug with a hammer!!


Avon is changing

Do you want to be part of the beginning of the New Improved Avon?

We are undertaking a big change - still keeping our amazing products, excellent value, well known brand name and all the other amazing things Avon has to offer,


Giovanna Fletcher

So pleased to announce that the new Representative ambassador for Avon is the beautiful Giovanna Fletcher. .
Giovanna Fletcher is a well known British author, presenter, actress, blogger, vlogger, mother and wife of Tom Fletcher (from McFly). She is also ambassador for the charity Coppafeel - which Avon also support., Giovanna truly believes in her role for both Avon and Coppafeel....................she believes in the charity and also what Avon stands for, for women's independence and the Avons role in the future and how we are changing.


Spring clean your make up bag

At long last its spring and time to clear out your winter make up bag, and get prepared for the spring styles and colours
Changing from the winter – foundation, lipsticks, and darker shades for the eyes… .it’s time to brighten ourselves up. I always invest in new brushes and new colours along with adding BB cream instead of foundation on sunnier days. New lipstick shades are added to my bag as well as new eye shadows, eyeliners, blushes, highlighter and of course a new perfume.



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