Giovanna Fletcher

So pleased to announce that the new Representative ambassador for Avon is the beautiful Giovanna Fletcher. .
Giovanna Fletcher is a well known British author, presenter, actress, blogger, vlogger, mother and wife of Tom Fletcher (from McFly). She is also ambassador for the charity Coppafeel - which Avon also support., Giovanna truly believes in her role for both Avon and Coppafeel....................she believes in the charity and also what Avon stands for, for women's independence and the Avons role in the future and how we are changing.


Spring clean your make up bag

At long last its spring and time to clear out your winter make up bag, and get prepared for the spring styles and colours
Changing from the winter – foundation, lipsticks, and darker shades for the eyes… .it’s time to brighten ourselves up. I always invest in new brushes and new colours along with adding BB cream instead of foundation on sunnier days. New lipstick shades are added to my bag as well as new eye shadows, eyeliners, blushes, highlighter and of course a new perfume.


Avon Online

Did you know that you can now Join Avon and run your full business online? – Yes, all online. No need to post a brochure to your friends, family and neighbours – and no boxes of goodies to your door to distribute (altho obviously this is still available to those who want that I personally do a mixture of both on and offline).


Are you ready for the cold weather?

Not only do we need to keep ourselves protected with lots of layers of clothes to protect us from the cold, but we need to remember our skin and hair.

Snow is on the way………….brrrrrrrr and could make our skin and hair dry and dehydrated.
Even though there seems to be very little sun around at the moment, we should all be protecting our skin with a SPF in our day creams – the UV rays are still about, and unfortunately still damaging.


Avon's changing

What’s new? How will it make life easier?

Now we can run our full business online, no need for door to door selling, if that’s what you don’t want to do. (NB Avon will always have door to door, as that what we are known for – but this is now making a great opportunity and getting up to date with the full social selling and earning)


One size fits all – definitely not!! We are all unique and so is our skin

It’s that time of the year, when the central heating goes on, and the cold, wet, windy weather does nothing for our clothing and looks, let alone for our skin and hair.
There are a few skin types – Dry, Oily, sensitive, normal, and combination.
Here are some steps to help protect your skin and body during the winter months



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