Distribution Centre Tour

Who would have thought that Avon give out incentives – or congratulations along with many other things but one is to go to their distribution centre in Corby, Northants? And there is a huge waiting list of not only reps and sales leaders wanting to go but managers too – and not just for the amazing Avon shop.
My amazing day at the distribution centre started off by being picked up by my area manger. Along with another 8 of us – off we went to Corby (approx. 2 ½ hours away)



Men. This is an Avon page – why am I talking about Men?
Well they are after all, nearly half of the population and love them or not we can’t live without them. As a wife and Mum of two grown up boys – I’m a lover and supporter.
Avon for Men. Yes Men sell, recruit, buy and use Avon too.
Lots of Men proudly look after their Skin, by cleansing and moisturising, many smell delicious and I’m sure most shower regularly too.



1. I have to pay upfront
2. I have no time/friends
3. I have to pay for my books
4. I have to keep things if customers don’t want them or don’t like them
5. I don’t have internet access
6. My friend was ripped off by Avon
7. My friend tried and said it’s a waste of time
8. There are lots of Avon reps on my street or in my area
9. I can’t use Avon as I have allergies
10. I don’t want to build a team



I am a great believer in offering people information and showcasing products. Most of which I have tried and I am now using as part of my everyday/weekly routine.

I send out a newsletter to my team every 6 weeks, this is a great way to pass on information and keep in touch.

For my customers I also send out newsletters – would you like to be added to the list??

You’ll get updates what’s new and what I recommend, and what the best buys are. Plus hints and tips …i.e looking after your nails, preparing for summer sun, makeup bag clear out etc


8 reason why to try/use a Glow on Illuminator

1. Wear alone to help brighten your face and any imperfections and even your skin tone. Iridescent, light gold formula
2. Perfect moisturiser, use under your usual make up
3. Radiance boosting for a longer lasting look
4. Wear over make up on targeted areas for a light-reflecting result
5. Light weight and easy to apply. Glitter free finish
6. Adds a natural looking radiance/glow to your face
7. Great if you want to use a foundation, but really don’t need too. (Lush on holidays or with a tan).
8. Suitable for ALL skin tones.


10 things not to forget when packing for your holiday!

So……the holiday is booked, the currency has been ordered and you’re scheduled in for your holiday nails and haircut. But what about your packing list? Packing can sometimes feel like a chore, but if you follow our tips below we will make sure you have everything you need for your forthcoming trip!
1. Make a list including a note of your luggage and hand baggage allowances. It might seem a bit silly but writing it all down will help you keep a track of what you are going to need and it can be re-used year after year!


3 year deal signed at Anfield - History in the making

Liverpool Ladies Football Club has signed a 3 year deal with Avon ahead of the Women's Soccer league (WSL) Spring Series.

Did you know women's football started in 1920s?

This is the first deal of its kind for the club and means the company will become it's principal partner, as well as its official Ladies beauty partner.

I want to wish them well. As a Mum of a huge Liverpool fan (I have personally never taken any interest in football at all), I'll certainly be cheering them on, and proudly watching now.


Spring Clean

So we are officially into spring and the clocks have gone forward which means lighter nights (summer is on its way!). You might have started spring cleaning the house but have you considered a re-fresh of your beauty regime?
Check out our 10 top tips on getting ready for the sun:
1. Start off with a good clear out of toiletries and makeup. Get rid of old products (remember to check expiration dates) and items you no longer use. Mascara should be changed every 3 months as it can quickly become contaminated with bacteria. You don’t want any nasty eye infections.


Nutraeffects Self foaming Wash - another use!!

I am an avid fan of washing my face, with simple products and this self foaming face wash (which I have been using for nearly a year I LOVE IT)
BUT not only is this product great for washing faces, and removing all traces of make up. It really is a must to use as a shave cream too. Who would have thought???


Love your Mum?

With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, we were thinking about our lovely mums and all that they do for us. It’s the one day of the year you should be treating your mum and telling her how much she means to you! Check out our top reasons why you should be your mum’s number one fan:
1. She brought you into this world! She has loved you your entire life and will continue to do so – after all you are one of the best things that has ever happened to her!



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