Anew Ultimate Supreme Elixir

Wow what a product. I have been using this for 4 weeks now, and can not only feel, but see the difference.

What is Elixir used for?
To help the signs of ageing - this wonder Elixir comes in a dual-chambered bottle with a serum and oil that blend together on application. Combines the force of 2 unique innovative formulas.
Who is it for?
Anyone who is looking for an affordable skincare routine, and help with all signs of ageing of the skin.


Trial Pack

1. What is a trial pack? Is it the same as a challenge pack?
2. What will I get in the pack?
3. How will it work?
4. Is it Free?

So many questions, that a lot of people ask.
1. Trail pack/challenge pack - yes they are the same.

2. You'll get a few books (between 5-10), order forms a first look book (discount and preview book for Avon reps to purchase from), samples and a quick guide to getting started. How the Avon store works. How Avon can fit round you. Who is in your network.. How to get orders. What to do next.



Wow what other Multi level Marketing company is 130 years old? In fact there really isn't many more businesses around that are celebrating 130 years.

Avon has definitely stood the test of time. Its had its very difficult moments - like all businesses - but to come thro 130 years really is an amazing achievement, and really does show how much Avon has evolved and changed thro the decades.

Avon started In 1886, 34 years before women in the U.S. earned the right to vote, our founder, David H. McConnell, helped give them the chance to earn an independent income.


Sun Cream

Avon sell a variety of products and goods. At this time of the year I highly recommend the Sun Care range, whether you want SPF15 - SPF50, whatever your skin type, or age child-adult, we cater for everyone.

Sun creams are designed to protect against two types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA and UVB. Both types have been linked to skin cancer, although UVB is the main cause of sunburn and UVA has been linked to premature ageing of the skin.


JOIN AVON - freebies and the chance of a holiday

There are some fantastic tools and incentives coming to AVON. And even better than that you may even be able to get them for FREE

New reps recruited into Campaign 12 onwards
1st Order – Essentials Pack (worth £70)
2nd Order – Make up Pack (worth £100)
3rd Order – Be Stunning Pack (worth £100)
4th Order – Tabitha Webb designer Bag (£80)
How to get the pack
Orders over £160 – ALL packs free
Orders from £87-£159.99 – All packs £15
Orders under £86.99 - £25


AVON Store

What better way to sell Avon - to friends and family (and even people you don't yet know)
Deliver straight to the door, or let Avon take care of the delivery and payment.

Your AVON Store (available to ALL Avon representatives) is a fantastic tool that means all you have to do is send your link via email, face book etc and let your customers do the rest.

There is an option on the order page for your customer to request delivery by a rep, or delivery direct to them, they pay AVON, AVON pays you (you have nothing whatsoever to do with the order - but still get a %)


Who says Avon isn't or can't be a part or full time Job?

There is at least one person I talk to every day who tells me that AVON is not a job, or that you can't earn a good income from it.
Well I beg to differ. I certainly do.

Welcome to the Fast start Challenge

Let me challenge you?
If you are looking for a job of ... say 16 hours a week (probably 4 days at 4 hours a day) - and you don't want to work from home.
You'll have at least 10 minutes travel time - (that you won't get paid for) so 16 hours working for someone plus 20 mins per day unpaid at say...... £9.00 per hour


Skin so soft - well known insect repellent

Most people have heard of Avon's Skin so soft product that works for Insect repellent. In fact this time of year, I think all Avon reps will get a few customers approaching them and just asking for the Mosquito spray.
There are actually over 100 uses for this product. Never been marketed as an insect repellent, but so popular that it is used by The British Army and sent all over the world.


What is BNI?

BNI stands for Business Network International
It's a network of businesses and runs in over 70 countries.

Why did I join?
I got invited to a meeting (thank you Paul Smith - UK Outdoor fitness), and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw, the people and the process, and I knew that I could give so much to the group in respect of referrals - and I know I will get them back, once I gain the trust and respect of other members. This will come in time. Although I have already received 3 referrals.


Proud member of the BNI

I am very proud to say I am now a member of the Network Central (Yorkshire)
This I felt this was fantastic opportunity that I couldn't be missed - if someone invites me to an opportunity I'm definitely going to go and see what I could be missing.

I was invited along and after another further meeting and some reference checks, I have been accepted, and so now my journey begins.

For those that don't know about or know what BNI is please read my next blog
BNI - the Givers Gain.



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