Skincare understanding the differences and what is best for you!

SKINCARE - What AVON offer

The Basics:

Intrinsic – Genetics – you cant do anything about this

Extrinsic – Environmental – Sun damage, Stress, Diet, Smoking etc

The worst of all these are Stress and Lack of Sleep (surprisingly!!)

What women really want? Apart from the obvious!

To look younger, feel fresh faced, Plumped up (although I don’t agree with this), No Botox and to have Silky skin.

A regular regime is the only way for this to happen:

25+ Vitale

40+ Reversalist

50+ Ultimate

60+ Platinum

About AVON and how it started

AVON HISTORY - Avon was established in the USA over 120 years ago by a 28 year old door-to-door bookseller, David McConnell. He discovered that the rose oil perfumes he was giving away as an added customer incentive were the very reason women were buying his books. The scene was set for him to realise a big dream, a fast-moving product line of superior quality merchandise, sold by a vast network of spirited entrepreneurs direct from the manufacturer to the homes of consumers.

The Avon Bus

The AVON Bus is a fantastic opportunity coming to your local Town and City. This gives everyone interested the chance to speak to local Sales Leaders and Managers who can show you the latest Avon products and explain all about Avon and being an Avon Representative or making sure you get a local Avon rep to deliver a book to your door. We can even sign people up there and then (but you will need 2 forms of ID) - you will have a follow up appointment to go through more information, plus show you how to input your orders and increase your earnings.


I have been featured in a local paper called Telegraph & Argus - Business Section. Lovely piece about how AVON can be an amazing business to work round your life. If you are interested joining or would like to find out more please contact me on 07812 838635 or via the contact form.

Hopefully I can give you the Opportunity you are looking for - Part time/Full time or Spare Time you choose.

Join Avon Cosmetics Today


Sensory Training

In 2007 - I did a sensory Training Course with Unilever - I was proud to have been asked and even prouder when I past - It was a couse that lasted 10 weeks, but well worth it. This enables myself and the 9 others that passed, to be able to recognise the different gentle textures plus many more things needed for a new antipersirants coming out - this sounds very easy but actually takes along time to learn and is soo very important for new products coming out on the market.

I can feel things with my finger tips that Greg Wallace can feel in his mouth :)


What is your motivation???

My motivation is my family, my husband and children, for anything and everything I do.

I have been self-employed for over 17 years now - as I needed to have the flexibilty for my family and any work I do or don't do - that's may responsibilty and has always been my motivation.

I love working as part of AVON. I passionately love inspiring people, teaching, motivating, guiding, learning and helping people achieve their goals.

President Club Award Dinner

What can I say. Another fantastic President Club Dinner.

Picked up by coach from my house, then to pick up the other PC reps in our area.

We arrived at The Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield to a Bucks Fizz reception, had a little time to catch up on other PC reps we only see during these dinners.

During our four course meal - filled with wine and a lot of laughter I am very pleased to announce that ALL of my PC reps won something

Elite - Samantha Wade & Suzy Schofield

No 1 Elite - Samantha Wade - 98% increase in sales over previous year - WOW

Are you Passionate?

It seems to me whatever we are passionate about, then that 'thing' always seems to go better in your life.

Try and turn whatever you are doing into a passion. This will work fantastically if it can be your career/job/vocation. There are obviously things in life that you can't be passionate about - but most you absolutely can.

Like the song - Take the Passion and Make it happen.

Your life will go so much better if you can be passionate about what you do or what you are doing.

Latest Newsletter for my team

Team Newsletter

Brochure 5 - 2014

Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well, the customers are now starting to buy again – and you should see be seeing an increase in your sales.

There are lots of new an exciting things coming with AVON. The ‘big’ boss has actually admitted that there has been mistakes and now after a year of looking and reviewing things, things will change – wooohooo!

I will explain the changes on another Newsletter – but it’s definitely better for us reps

So a brief update of what is coming in


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