It came out of the blue, but Avon media team contacted me and asked if I would like to tell my success story to the Local and National Papers. WOW yes absolutley - I would LOVE too.

Anything to tell people how wonderful AVON is, and what Avon has done for me and my family - Ill be there.

Avon works well with family life, illness or holidays.

After a good few weeks break over the Christmas holidays (and a good few before) - infact I used to take all the school holidays off. I chose to do this so I can be with my children - although they are older now and one even working full-time - I do still love having some time off in the school holidays and being home for them.

Avon works well with taking time off - whether your children are ill, you or a family member are ill, or you just need a break. The whole idea of Avon is to fit it round you and your family life, or your free time.

Welcome to my website and blogs

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I hope that all your questions have been answered - but please phone/text or email me for anything. I am here to help.

I will be updating my Blogs every week. With details of where Ive worked and the new and different things I have come across, along with hints and tips.

Obviously at this time of year - with less than a month to christmas.

My priority is definetly being organised. This is both as a rep (for my customers) as a Sales Leader (for my reps) and a Team Leader (for my Sales Leaders)

Party Planner

Having an Avon party - can be a fantastic night/day/coffee meeting with friends. Its very much a party/get together of what you want, and what suits you and your customers/friends/time of day.

I have had various Parties/Get togethers.
Not only do I build up my customer base, but also have a fantastic time, the feedback from the parties are great, and plenty have been re-booking.

I will teach you everything you need to know - but I am still learning myself.

What is the purpose of your business??

What is the purpose of your business?? Answer this question with the first thing that comes into your head.

To be fulfilled?

Teach others?

Pay off debts?

Change career or pathway?

Need a job?

Lifestyle change?

To help others?

Make money?

Need a car?

Need to be there for the family?

Need to make money?

Want to work from home?

Seen the opportunity?


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