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What is BNI?

BNI stands for Business Network International
It's a network of businesses and runs in over 70 countries.

Why did I join?
I got invited to a meeting (thank you Paul Smith - UK Outdoor fitness), and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw, the people and the process, and I knew that I could give so much to the group in respect of referrals - and I know I will get them back, once I gain the trust and respect of other members. This will come in time. Although I have already received 3 referrals.


Proud member of the BNI

I am very proud to say I am now a member of the Network Central (Yorkshire)
This I felt this was fantastic opportunity that I couldn't be missed - if someone invites me to an opportunity I'm definitely going to go and see what I could be missing.

I was invited along and after another further meeting and some reference checks, I have been accepted, and so now my journey begins.

For those that don't know about or know what BNI is please read my next blog
BNI - the Givers Gain.


Its as simple as 1, 2, 3

Avon really can be simple, the hardest part is finding your initial customers, but if you buy Avon, you really are your first customer. Ill help you with your network and see who else we can find, but you really will be surprised at how easy it is.
Your friends, relatives, work colleagues, neighbours, your social circle, your online circle (Facebook, twitter) etc


WOW Benefits

For ALL Avon reps - we have access to a site called AVON WOW benefits - it's a cash back website, for all Avon reps, so not only are we earning money on selling to our customers, earning via our Avon store, but we can also purchase everyday things and still earn.

WOW Benefits is an exclusive online site where Avon Representatives can get discounts on all sorts, including shopping, holidays, cinema tickets, bills, electrical items and much more.


The New AVON Store

What a fantastic tool, the new Avon store, really does give everyone the opportunity to buy and sell from anyone anywhere in the UK.
So you may live in Leeds but your Auntie in Northampton, she can buy from YOU, thro your store, Avon delivers - your Auntie pays Avon, but YOU get commission. (This is knocked off what you owe avon on your rep invoice)
Or you may find that a customer comes to you thro the Avon website via the look up postcode link or they may already be a customer of yours

16 weeks off - but now ready to get back to it!

Wow what other business apart from being self employed can give you 16 weeks off, and still be paid with no hassle!!
My husband has been ill (for the second year running - last year I took 10 weeks off)
I've been there for him, visiting in hospital plus the subsequent appointments. Plus my father in law was also ill at the same time, so its been a difficult few months.

I chose to be self employed so I could always be around for the boys and my family, and this is certainly the life I want.

Christmas is Coming

With less than 10 weeks left till Christmas
Now really is the time to join AVON.

Have you seen all the fantastic products available??

There are many named brands including
Ben Sherman
French connection

All products are back by Avon's return - no quibble full refund guarantee.
And the returns policy has been increase till 31/01/2016.
Whether you are buying or selling Avon - what better opportunity is there?

Contact me for a book or a free trial pack today 07812 838635

Avon and being self-employed

Becoming an Avon rep, is a business, whether you are finding customers and selling Avon, and or building a team. You need to register as self employed.

This can be a big fear for lots of people, there are lots of scare stories out there...... HMRC are there to help, speak to your local advisor or go online - They really are there to help.

There are lots of help with benefits - just ask to speak to someone (not your unqualified friend), at the moment there is more help than ever and you really can be better off - by declaring yourself.

School Holidays

What better time to join Avon than now, in time for the Easter Holidays. There are 16 weeks until the children break up for Summer Holidays - where does time go?? This gives you enough time to start saving .... plus getting your children to help with the books, deliveries etc.

The weather is getting better too - and we all need to get into our summer clothes again, so for me its a time to start getting fit - again.

Contact me to get you started and I'll call and see you as soon as possible,


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