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Advanced Leadership

Avon has now updated their Sales Leadership Programme - recruiting new reps - do what I do. I show new people what I do everyday, I will teach you how to be a fantastic rep - looking after customers and/or find and training new leaders.

AVON modernising Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership is changing ....... to Advanced Leadership

After over 8 years AVON is finally changing the Sales Leader commission and leader structure. This is partially to keep upto date with other MLM companies plus modernise the old system of 4 levels. (AVON has admitted that they had dropped behind) Finally we have caught up, and I for one am excited about this new structure coming in. There will now be 10 levels plus two VIP.

AVON and other MLM Companies

I am so proud to be part of AVON. I believe in the products and the ethics and ethos of the company. I myself support Breast Cancer and I truly believe in the awareness and support of Dometic Violence, both of these companies AVON support. AVON are the largest corporate company to give to and support Breast Cancer. When I started AVON, I didn't look into this, but now absolutely I tell people.

You need to look into the company you are working for (self-employed or not).

ANEW Skincare - 5 years in the making

I personally am passionate and believe in the benefits of skincare. I have always moisturised, cleansed and use night cream.

Avon are groundbreaking in some of their products. There are many and I have tried them all - I am great believer in Skincare and feel passionately that people need to look after their skin for a healthy glow and a smoother skin in later life. Your face is one of the first things people see - it needs to look clean and fresh - and although your "looks" can't be changed you can certainly keep your skin hydrated and looking good.

Holidays and Waterproof Make up

After returning from 5 days away at Centre Parcs - I can honestly say the New AERO Volume Mascara really is waterproof - unlike some mascaras that are splash proof and slightly waterproof. This did stay on until I took it off.

I can not recommend this mascara enough. I do go down all slides (not the enclosed tunnel ones), but the rest and the rapids, so I do get wet. My face is underwater and like anyone who has been to Centre Parcs knows - you can't keep your hair dry. We went to the pool twice a day too for at least a couple of hours at a time.

Avon Bubble Baths - You'll be surprised at what they are also good for!

Avon Bubble Bath is an excellent bubble bath, and like SSS there are many other uses.

I do have to caution though that especially for little girls, taking too many baths can irritate the urinary tract, so be aware of this (but this is any brand not just Avon). I personally have used all the bubble baths with great results. There are many scents to chose from. Please note - this is my list (plus some taken from the internet - not AVON). Here are some interesting uses that you can try if you want:

Skincare understanding the differences and what is best for you!

SKINCARE - What AVON offer

The Basics:

Intrinsic – Genetics – you cant do anything about this

Extrinsic – Environmental – Sun damage, Stress, Diet, Smoking etc

The worst of all these are Stress and Lack of Sleep (surprisingly!!)

What women really want? Apart from the obvious!

To look younger, feel fresh faced, Plumped up (although I don’t agree with this), No Botox and to have Silky skin.

A regular regime is the only way for this to happen:

25+ Vitale

40+ Reversalist

50+ Ultimate

60+ Platinum

About AVON and how it started

AVON HISTORY - Avon was established in the USA over 120 years ago by a 28 year old door-to-door bookseller, David McConnell. He discovered that the rose oil perfumes he was giving away as an added customer incentive were the very reason women were buying his books. The scene was set for him to realise a big dream, a fast-moving product line of superior quality merchandise, sold by a vast network of spirited entrepreneurs direct from the manufacturer to the homes of consumers.

The Avon Bus

The AVON Bus is a fantastic opportunity coming to your local Town and City. This gives everyone interested the chance to speak to local Sales Leaders and Managers who can show you the latest Avon products and explain all about Avon and being an Avon Representative or making sure you get a local Avon rep to deliver a book to your door. We can even sign people up there and then (but you will need 2 forms of ID) - you will have a follow up appointment to go through more information, plus show you how to input your orders and increase your earnings.


I have been featured in a local paper called Telegraph & Argus - Business Section. Lovely piece about how AVON can be an amazing business to work round your life. If you are interested joining or would like to find out more please contact me on 07812 838635 or via the contact form.

Hopefully I can give you the Opportunity you are looking for - Part time/Full time or Spare Time you choose.

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