Ding Dong Avon calling - the new and improved version

Avon is the largest Direct seller in the WORLD
Avon is changing the way it does business. The Avon brochure will always be around Avon's USP is personal and door to door – this will stay – but more focus on online selling

Did you know?
Avon have given over 1 billion £ to women’s causes
Biggest female network, again anywhere in the world
4 lipsticks and 2 mascaras sold every second
Avon has a commitment to business and now growing and looking after US. Yes us not the USA and by the end of 2017 we will all see the difference,
Social selling is now getting so big Avon and I want a share – and they are changing and helping us reps and sales leaders achieve this.

They are looking at bringing in ordering when you want and you can pick up from a pick up point within 24 hours or home delivery (will be a little longer). This is going to be piloted in the UK at some point this year. Why wait 3 weeks for your order??? If it works they will be rolling out in 2018 everywhere in the UK.
Online party help – lots more how to’s online.
Training and development online made more accessible and easier to understand (and done by established reps not office people)
New improved Presidents club – with recognition and events every quarter – and free next quarter products. Plus more…………
New Avon family website coming. Updating the website so it’s easier to get round and find everything
So what have you to lose.
Avon has been around for over 130 years and they are constantly updating - why not be part of it.

Still free to try and only £16 over your first 2 campaigns.