Distribution Centre Tour

Who would have thought that Avon give out incentives – or congratulations along with many other things but one is to go to their distribution centre in Corby, Northants? And there is a huge waiting list of not only reps and sales leaders wanting to go but managers too – and not just for the amazing Avon shop.
My amazing day at the distribution centre started off by being picked up by my area manger. Along with another 8 of us – off we went to Corby (approx. 2 ½ hours away)
When we arrived we were greeted in the main reception – all the old Avon perfume bottles and some products were encased behind the glass cabinets and the new up to date products were out for everyone to see.
We all chatted and then went for lunch; I had a lovely chicken breast in tomato sauce, jacket potato and peas, melon for after with a cup of tea. Plenty more things on the menu including sandwiches, lasagne, sausages, coffee, orange juice, and an array of homemade puddings. After a leisurely lunch on our own special tables we were taken back into our meeting room, (made sure we had our flat, toe covered shoes on) and all given a hi-vis vest.
Then in 2 groups we were taken were the magic happens (now this is a secret as to what happens and I’d hate for an opposition to be pinching Avon’s ideas – so ill only go over the basics). Round the (call centre – lovely staff chatting on phone – this is possibly like most small office based call centres only smells lush, and is pink, with lots of Avon products dotted about) and the distribution centre (DC) is a totally different experience to anything I could imagine. The DC is an array of boxes so carefully planned so neat and tidy yet so busy. There were boxes whizzing round on the conveyor belts, staff checking things in and out, brochures stacked up, an absolute well-oiled machine – the way Avon do things really does open your eyes, and certainly made me appreciate the logistics of all the hard work involved. As a rep I take the order from the customer, place it, and wait for delivery. Like most people I’m sure we never really thing about how things get where and how, let alone knowing how the process works.
We even had chance to put some items in the hand picked section, looking on the screen what to pick and where in our own specific space (like playing shops - we were transfixed and enjoyed it - altho doing it everyday is possibly not for me as I'd be too interested in smelling and looking at the products rather than getting the work done)
We also got shown some of the things Avon reps have returned to them – AVON offer a 28 day money back no quibble guarantee on EVERYTHING. But some of the things returned- make you speechless – a bra, well and I mean well used (they bought a new one and returned saying it was the same) a bottle of perfume again bought a new one and put an out of date bottle in the box – a pair or slippers, some very manky looking pajamas, plus more. Unbelievable – no one would get away with this is a shop – good job Avon let the reps know about it and recharge them.
This was my 3rd time to Corby, and like the others I love going, and I learn something new every time. This is a place that I feel all Avon reps should go to. It really is an amazing day.
Then after the DC tour we get to go to the Avon Shop. Oh my goodness, where do I start – we have a certain amount that we could spend – but WOW there are things in there that are still in the book that could be £10 for 50p – I bought amongst many thing 5 mascaras (unused) for £1 (And bought home 8 yes 8 bags of items).
Then back for a chat and compare notes on an amazing day with a cup of tea or coffee and some cake. Thank you Avon – another brilliant day.
Who says Avon doesn’t look after us reps and sales leaders. I am so proud to be part of not only an amazing company, but with some fantastic incentives and gifts, products and most importantly my customers and my team – what better job could there be?
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