Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay or give you any money?

No – you can join/try for free – I will give you everything you need to get you started.
If you decide Avon is not for you – then I will pick everything up and close your account – if Avon is for you - fantastic – we will move on to the next step. (every thing will be explained on visit or over Skpye/video call)

All money will be paid directly to Avon – you pay me nothing.

What do I get to get me started?

The first 2 campaign of books – 10-80 of each depending whether you are covering an area etc.
New representative Avon opportunity book – explaining everything including calling book and online business tools information. Your own online website and shop. Opened immediately

  • Order forms.
  • Samples.
  • First Look (a book for Avon reps only – this has extra discounts and earnings)
  • Skincare newsletter
  • My information sheet
  • Canvassing cards
  • Access to the team face book page
  • Your own personal website (provided by Avon) with training tools etc
  • Other things (that change throughout the year)
  • Whichever Kit you choose will have differing products

How much does it cost?

You have a choice of starter kits - £15 - £30 - £90 this will be due to be paid 15 days from invoice.

Is AVON a pyramid scheme?

No, Pyramid schemes are illegal.
Avon is a Multi level marketing company.
Please

Do I have to go door to door?

No not at all, there are many ways to sell Avon, online, family, friends, colleagues, your network etc. my job is to find out how Avon works best for you. You can run your business TOTALLY online

Will I be targeted? And told what to do?

No not all. Avon do offer incentives – but they are not compulsory. Avon’s motto is Work it your way.

How much will I be paid?

Orders over £90 is 20%
Orders over £170 is 25%
But there are plenty more ways of earning additional money. I will go through this on the appointment or if you want more information. Again I will show you how to earn money.

Is Avon part of the DSA?

Yes, Avon is a founder member of the Direct Selling Association – this is also backed up on order forms.

What about if someone doesn’t want things?

Anything can be returned to Avon – even if opened and used (not finished) Avon’s money back no quibble guarantee is 28 days. We as representatives have 9 weeks to return the product – free of charge to Avon via the carrier (the driver who delivers our Avon every 3 weeks)

Do I pay for my books?

Your first 2 sets of books are free, then after that, yes, you do need to purchase books. Books are our shop window and for a small price they are defiantly worth it.

Can I leave?

You can leave Avon at anytime. As long as your account is cleared you can withdraw at anytime with Avon via email. Please let me know as I can also follow this up.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made as many times as you like through your own personal website, telephone,
or you can pay at the Post office for a fee of 57p (Avons charge – not the post office)

I have no internet access except for the phone?

That’s fine lots of people put their Avon order on using their mobile phone. It’s really rather easy to put orders in, as its just the 5 digit code that is used. As your team leader, I will also be able to submit your orders (with the back up of a confirmation text or email)

I have children/I’m too busy

We are all busy and we all have only 24 hours in the day. My job is to show you how Avon can work for you and your lifestyle. Let me show you how it can work – you’ll be surprised, how you can fit it into your life (and make money)

I have no qualifications

No problem at all. Avon is very inclusive and it is open to everyone. My job is to find out and help your run your business they way you want to run it. Qualifications are not a necessity

I’m on Benefits – I cant do it?

Yes you can. Speak to a local Inland Revenue advisor they really are there to help and advice you on what is best. I can’t tell you about benefits as I’m not qualified I can only give you advice to call.
A lot of Avon representatives are on benefits and Avon is fitting in perfectly with their lives, and some are much more better off. A couple have come off one benefit and are now claiming another others are no longer on benefits. I can only suggest you call the Inland Revenue or speak to your local Job Centre. Please do not let being on benefits put you off.

Can I earn decent money?

Yes, I do. Yes I’ve been with Avon a long time, but I’ve built up and with my experience I can show you what to do, and how to earn with and from Avon. Not only that, Avon have a fast start programme – so you really can earn. Speak to me for more information.

I am passionate about Avon, what I do and what Avon stands for. I want to help you with any questions or queries you have. Feel free to contact me 07812 838635

Let me help you get your Avon business up and running and you earning – the way you want to earn and the way you want to work with the time you have.