Holly Wyatt - customer

Dear Rachel
As Christmas was approaching, I had some last minute stocking fillers to get. Whilst it also being an extremely busy time in the office, the Avon linen sprays were such a lifesaver , and provided the perfect finishing gifts for some of my family and friends.
Despite putting the order in just two days before they were needed, not only did you deliver my order but also an extremely generous amount of testers for the rest of the office (which went down a treat).
It is easy to see why you are so highly praised every time I hear your name, as you clearly go above and beyond to provide a fantastic products abd always with a smile.
The linen sprays themselves were very well received, with a wide range of scents, perfect for the car and not only are fantastic value at just £1, you are also donating a small amount for a charity of your choice.
I’m looking forward to purchasing more products from you as it’s clear you want your clients to find the right products for them rather than just being interested in gaining a sale.
I have already been recommending your services to my family and friends, and I am excited to try out more Avon products.
Kindest Regards

Holly Wyatt