Look round and choose wisely before you start AVON

I passionatly Love what I do. But do find some things infuriating - Like people signing reps ups for AVON and Sales Leadership, with no help whatsoever or who have just started and then having to train new people (this really is not professional).

I have just been contacted Yet again by a rep in another team, because she can not get hold of the sales leader who signed her up. I am more than willing to help obviously - the last thing I want is for AVON to get a bad name. Sometimes I do get negativity from people and I can honestly say 90% of these problems would be sorted if the rep was signed up and supported properly.

So this BLOG is really saying look round before you 'go ahead' some people will have a fantastic website, or can talk the talk - but actually is it all BS just to get the reps in. Get them to prove they are who they say they are, or how long they have been doing it.

When you start with AVON you really do need the help and support at hand - not in a week or whenever they can be bovvered!!!!

Look for good training and high earning reps in the team.

Yes I am proud to say I myself am 212th in the country as a rep, but I also have 4 of my team members also in the top 1000, plus another 6 in Bronze Presidents Club.

I try (sometimes fail - we all do) if reps are wanting to earn I will show you how to keep increasing your earnings - work needs to be put in - but you will certainly see the benefits.

You (when you join) me and every other AVON rep are selling the same products from the same book - set yourself apart - that will be my job (or another sales leader in my team) to show you how to do this.

Some reps are more than happy to sell to family and friends - no problem - you will never be pushed or 'told' what to do - this is your business. I will be here to help.

Just please, please watch out and choose wisely, because hopefully, you will be with AVON a long time.

Im off now to sign another wonderful person into my team, she has tried the trial pack and has £97 worth of orders in 4 days.

Contact me if you have any questions 07812 838635