Love your Mum?

With Mother’s Day nearly upon us, we were thinking about our lovely mums and all that they do for us. It’s the one day of the year you should be treating your mum and telling her how much she means to you! Check out our top reasons why you should be your mum’s number one fan:
1. She brought you into this world! She has loved you your entire life and will continue to do so – after all you are one of the best things that has ever happened to her!
2. She will always be there for you. Even when you grow up and have your own children. She will always have an ear and a shoulder to cry on and make you feel better. Your mum will always support you and love you so make sure you do the same back!
3. She will always put you first. She is dedicated to you and wants the best for you, even if it means she has to go without. She will always make sacrifices for you to help you achieve your goals and dreams.
4. She is wise. You mum can teach you valuable lessons in life that you couldn’t learn from anybody else. She’s been there and done it many a time over! So listen to her, she’s probably talking sense!
5. She will always have your back even if you’re in the wrong. You mum will always stand up for you and protect you even if she doesn’t agree with something. She will help you see the best in people and give you good advice.
6. She is proud of you. You mum believes in you and will support whatever road your life or career takes. The love of a mum is deep and never-ending.
7. She’s one of your best friends! She’s the one that knows you the best and knows how to get the best out of you, or to cheer you up when you are feeling down. Enjoy spending time with her!
8. She puts up with a lot! Those teenage mood swings, the falling out of boyfriends, she’s seen the lot. And she still stood by you and got you through the good times and the bad ones.
9. She probably taught you everything you know! She answers all your questions and passes on her knowledge. She encourages you to be curious and develop yourself.
10. She makes you feel happy. You have probably laughed together, and also cried together. But she will always put a smile on your face!
We can sometimes take advantage of our mums and forget to thank them for the little things they do for us week in week out. Tell your mum you love them this Mother’s Day and make her feel special!
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