Make up brushes...............Uses

Why do we need different Make up brushes?

There are plenty to choose from including foundation, blusher, eye shadow, blending, eyeliner, kabuki, eyebrow, stippling, contour plus many more.

They all have their own uses and if you are contouring and blending the correct brush is highly recommended……. You can’t change a plug with a hammer!!

Graduated bristle brush - angled bristles to fit the shape of your cheekbone for easy contouring
Stippling Brush – for dabbing on and building foundation coverage
All Over-face brush – for everyday for pro application of powder products
Contour Brush (Small, medium and large) Small – for under eyes. Medium – buff upwards to contour your cheeks. Large – use the dense bristles in circular motion for even base
Blusher Brush – longer bristles to buff on a soft blush finish
Brow – to tame unruly brows and lashes
Eyeliner brush – perfect for applying gel liner
Kabuki Brush – lightweight bristles to buff on blushes and powders flawlessly
Eye shadow/smudger - brush applies and blends and smudger creates smokey lines
Silicone foundation brush - ideal for liquid and cream formulas, ideal to smooth and evenly blend
Face fan brush - perfect for finishing powder, gives an airbrushed look in seconds
Make up sponges are great use the wide end for all over application and the pointed end for targeted areas.

Most brushes are very easy to clean with a small amount of soap and water – this needs to be done regularly (at least once a week) to keep bacteria away. Wash the brushes and make sure the water runs clear – then leave to dry out naturally. Then a quick circular motion in your hand and they’ll be like new again.