Men. This is an Avon page – why am I talking about Men?
Well they are after all, nearly half of the population and love them or not we can’t live without them. As a wife and Mum of two grown up boys – I’m a lover and supporter.
Avon for Men. Yes Men sell, recruit, buy and use Avon too.
Lots of Men proudly look after their Skin, by cleansing and moisturising, many smell delicious and I’m sure most shower regularly too.
Lately I’ve had a few customers asking why Avon doesn’t sell more for Men. Great question and as always the more we sell the more they will put in the book. So my task is to get Men to try Avon products and use them with pride.
Remember as with ALL Avon products there is a 28 day Money back guarantee, so try – see what they/you think.
There are over 20 Aftershaves/EDT to try. The range includes Shower Gels, Roll on deodorants, body sprays, after shave conditioners.
For the younger boys/men along with the above there is the clear skin range ideal for teenager skin – help remove the everyday grease and dirt that can cause spots and blackheads. (Both my children used this range – so I highly recommend).
Men’s skin also needs moisturising, sun protection and their feet need pampering too. Look no further. Avon will have what you need. Why not try today?
Then there is Christmas – and its coming fast…………..the Christmas brochures will have gifts for the men in your life……over the years we’ve sold many Household names see previous quick blog

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