One size fits all – definitely not!! We are all unique and so is our skin

It’s that time of the year, when the central heating goes on, and the cold, wet, windy weather does nothing for our clothing and looks, let alone for our skin and hair.
There are a few skin types – Dry, Oily, sensitive, normal, and combination.
Here are some steps to help protect your skin and body during the winter months
1. Remove any make up every night. I’m sure we have all been tempted (I know I have) at some point to go to bed with our makeup on – but don’t, especially during the winter season – the climate change from inside to out and visa versa and the dirt is just too much for the skin to keep up with, you may not feel it now, but your future skin won’t thank you at all.
2. Moisturise – at least once a day depending on your skin type. Use a moisturiser to suit your skin, if you find its giving you spots, shiny skin or just doesn’t feel right – change it, it could take a while to find one to suit, but it’s worth the time. (recommends are great but what may suit your friend may not suit you – we are all different)
3. Cleanse – ALWAYS the dust, dirt and grime that gets into your skin every day is shocking. There are many cleansers on the market . Ranging from gentle to full scrubs. Choose one to suit you. I use a gentle soap cleanser for my morning and evening wash.
4. Exfoliate your face – I do this weekly. Take your time and enjoy.
5. Don’t just cleanse and moisturise your face – you need to do your whole body. Get a body brush, use some good scrubs, and exfoliate. Not only is this great for your skin, but you will feel amazing once you’ve done it. Take time for you, for your body – you deserve it and so does your skin. Use a glove, find a great product that does the job and smells lush. Then enjoy a relaxing bath or shower. Then finish with a full body moisturiser.
6. Feet – we are on these all the time and we forget to care for them more than anything else. This time of year is hard for feet – as during the summer we will be exfoliating without even knowing – walking on the beach, round the pool etc. Winter they are covered with socks and boots etc. So get a good moisturiser and get rid of any callous and hard skin – you and your feet will feel better.
7. Hands seem to suffer more than anything this time of year, the splitting and chapping is almost unbearable. Get a good moisturising hand cream. Use every time you wash your hands. When you come indoors. Just have it to hand and apply a little throughout the day, then last thing at night after your usual routine. This will keep any chapping at bay.
8. Hair care - our hair will go dry, brittle or if wearing a hat it'll be full of static, if your not careful. Treat yourself to a home conditioning treatment., use once a week. Or use a hair oil. Try not to wash hair as often during the winter months, as this will prevent it drying out too.
9. Drink (water) plenty of it will keep you hydrated and your skin looking healthy.

Skin is very personal to us all. Use what suits you – but make sure you look after your skin. You may have amazing skin now – but in the future you will suffer. Some people look amazing with their make up on – but your skin needs to look healthy with and without make up. It’s all very well covering up spots and dry skin, with a great make up coverage – but find a product that means your skin will be treated, look and feel great WITHOUT makeup too - always cleanse and remove on a night - you need your skin to feel fresh, cleansed and spot free and at your best without make up too.
Thank you for reading.