Party Planner

Having an Avon party - can be a fantastic night/day/coffee meeting with friends. Its very much a party/get together of what you want, and what suits you and your customers/friends/time of day.

I have had various Parties/Get togethers.
Not only do I build up my customer base, but also have a fantastic time, the feedback from the parties are great, and plenty have been re-booking.

I will teach you everything you need to know - but I am still learning myself.

Avon Get Togethers is a fairly new concept to AVON but that said we have a few great party planners who are earning fantastic money from doing the party planning only. They do one party a week, and have a great time - no pressure - this is your business - ENJOY.

You will be given a Get together starter pack, and loads of information on the products.

Avon products do sell themselves - the book is our shop window.
I passionately believe in AVON and the concept of party planning.

I am here to help call or text me 07812 838635