It came out of the blue, but Avon media team contacted me and asked if I would like to tell my success story to the Local and National Papers. WOW yes absolutley - I would LOVE too.

Anything to tell people how wonderful AVON is, and what Avon has done for me and my family - Ill be there.

I was asked by the media team approx 18 months previous - because I am one of the UKs highest sellers of the ANEW skincare products. I got through the first 3 stages, but unfortunately I was on holiday for the photographer and the publising interview :( sad news but I am a great believer in things happening for a reason.

Then I got this call out of the Blue, Yes I would love to tell the papers my story. What an absolute honour and privilege to have been asked - let alone to actually do this.

I met a wonderful lady called Emily from the Media team, then we went to our booked appointments at the Telegraph and Argus and Guzillian News. Had a wonderful day, and felt spoilt by Avon (again).

The AVON Bus was in Leeds and Bradford a few weeks ago, and the photographers turned up, it was a bit of a cold, wet windy day in Bradford - but as always it was fun, and the sun did come out - eventually. We are there as a big team showing people how you can earn with Avon and showcasing our new products. Call or text me to find out when either myself or one of my team is in your area (07812 838635).

The photographers turned up, one even asked me to do a one minute video to put on the internet (I hadn't even known about this, let alone planned) so hoping it turns out ok :/ We have quite a lot of photographs taken of my team, plus one of a sales leader from another team that I invited to come and be in the paper, plus the AVON bus and the products. So hoping there is a least one good photo!!!!.

I am looking forward to finding out when the feature will be in the paper..... watch this space and please keep your fingers crossed we dont have to wait too much longer.