Ray Lydon - customer

BPC Express prides themselves on working with only the best service partners.
On this occasion I would like to deliver our thanks to Rachel “Ding Dong Avon calling” Hainsworth for listening, understanding and delivering to our brief.
We required an array of pamper packs for our staff and their children.
The brief an 8 year old boy, his 10 year old sister and their Mum, need a pack each to make them feel special.
The second was our admin assistant and her new born baby to let her know we are thinking of them.
Rachel, do what you do best……
The outcome of this exercise was that Rachel delivered an offering that made each recipient feel special and thought about. I had no idea what Rachel would come up with, but again, and not for the first time, I was allowed to watch Mum’s and children delight in the products chosen.
Not too much, not too little but delivering a reaction that was precisely what we wanted to get when we initially came up with the idea.
I will continue to make sure that I promote Rachel and the Avon products she sells to all family, friends and colleagues.
Thank you
Ray Lydon