Ruth Charles - customer

Dear Rachel
I want to thank you so much for the Skin so Soft.
I thought it was a very good idea, especially in regards to the mosquitos. I myself do not get bitten but my husband Simon wraps himself up, slavers alsorts of lotions and potions and has various plugins when we go on holiday – and still manages to get bitten.
I told him I was buying some of this and he put his nose up to it. He told me he’d used I before and it didn’t work.
After he came back from Spain, he asked me where it was. I did question this as he told me it didn’t work and he admitted he has borrowed somebody else’s and on the only day he didn’t use it he got bit! And ‘apparently’ the stuff he had used preciously was different to this.
So all I can say is if my grumpy husband says it works – it works!!
Thanks again Rachel
Ruth Charles
RA Mortgages