Sarah Hull - Customer

As you know I have always had a reluctance to buy cosmetics online as I prefer yto see and sample the products before purchase.
However, you persuaded me to give it a go as you explained that Avon offered a 100% returns policy if I was not 100% happy with the product for whatever reason, including my own bad choice.
I sought your advice on one or two of the Avon products and I found you have been very patient, understanding and importantly very knowledgeable. For instance, you were able to explain the different scents of body mists which helped me select the right one for me. You see, I don’t like the smell of coconut or vanilla.
Ordering was easy and the products arrived promptly.
Although you did not save me from making one or two errors, in judgement where I had not sought your advice…. You were true to your word about how easy it was to return an unwanted item.
The whole experience has been a revelation and a positive experience I will be repeating.
I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel to anyone especially if they have little experience of buying cosmetics on line or they don’t have much knowledge of such matters in general.
Sarah Hull