Sensory Training

In 2007 - I did a sensory Training Course with Unilever - I was proud to have been asked and even prouder when I past - It was a couse that lasted 10 weeks, but well worth it. This enables myself and the 9 others that passed, to be able to recognise the different gentle textures plus many more things needed for a new antipersirants coming out - this sounds very easy but actually takes along time to learn and is soo very important for new products coming out on the market.

I can feel things with my finger tips that Greg Wallace can feel in his mouth :)

Obviously I am not qualied to teach people the sensory perception fully, but I can certainly train you with the basics. I am going to be doing a couple of courses (money raised will be given to Breast Cancer) - although I will not be charging I will have a box for people to donate.

The basics of the course will cover how to feel for different textures and oils. Yes ofcourse eveyone can feel the difference of a solid and smooth texture - but I will teach you a lot more.

This works extremely well when selling skin care - as I can help advice my customers what actually suits their skin. I think that is why I am a top seller for the Anew skincare range. (Please see Blog Proud and privileged - first paragraph).

If you are interested please contact me on 07812 838635.