Maria Nicols - Rep

I would like to say I have only known Rachel a short period of time but I have found her to be accommodating and helpful especially when I started my new role within the Avon team headed by Rachel.
Rachel is polite and friendly and has made me feel at ease and has guided me through the processes Avon use. The team newsletters and meetings are very informative and it's great to meet all the team. New friends, new advice all helps grow my business.
I would recommend Rachel to anyone wanting to increase their income capacity,
Maria Nichols
Mobile hairdresser and now Avon sales representative

Catherine Casey - Customer

Avon is a household brand that we have all heard of but I have admit that before I met Rachel I was under the false impression that their products were of low quality.
That couldn’t be further from the truth. My family and I have been using various products, ranging from the children’s shampoo, the cosmetics, sun screens and moisturisers and I have been very impressed by not only their quality but also the price.
Rachel is also extremely professional. From the moment you order your products online through her shop she keeps you completely up to date about when to expect delivery. You get a completely personal and professional service.
I would urge anyone who hasn’t used Avon for a long time, or if ever, to do so. There really is something for everyone.
Catherine Casey
Rockwood Financial solutions

John Conroy - Customer

Dear Mark
Thank you for the introduction to Rachel Hainsworth of Avon, I had heard that “Skin so soft” was effective as an insect repellent and I am certainly an advocate now.
I spend a lot of time outdoors and midges seem to enjoy it as much as I do and this was lessening my enjoyment anywhere near water or long grass.
After placing my order, Rachel I received the bottles via a friend and I spend the summer being nite free and smelling good too….
I will (and do) recommend the product and Rachel to friends and family in the future.
Kind Regards
John Conroy

Sean Mclean - Customer

Dear Rachel
Thank you for you professional service in sorting a pamper hamper for my lovely wife Lesley celebrating our 18 year wedding anniversary, you managed to fill the hamper with wonderful stuff specifically aimed at Lesley’s taste yes there was a lot of ginger but that’s what she loves, you saved me valuable time and at a reasonable fixed price and saving me from been in trouble.
I’m so impressed with Rachel and Avon I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone.
A big Ding Dong thank you
Best Regards
Sean Mclean
Key West Pest control Northern

Ray Lydon - customer

BPC Express prides themselves on working with only the best service partners.
On this occasion I would like to deliver our thanks to Rachel “Ding Dong Avon calling” Hainsworth for listening, understanding and delivering to our brief.
We required an array of pamper packs for our staff and their children.
The brief an 8 year old boy, his 10 year old sister and their Mum, need a pack each to make them feel special.
The second was our admin assistant and her new born baby to let her know we are thinking of them.
Rachel, do what you do best……
The outcome of this exercise was that Rachel delivered an offering that made each recipient feel special and thought about. I had no idea what Rachel would come up with, but again, and not for the first time, I was allowed to watch Mum’s and children delight in the products chosen.
Not too much, not too little but delivering a reaction that was precisely what we wanted to get when we initially came up with the idea.
I will continue to make sure that I promote Rachel and the Avon products she sells to all family, friends and colleagues.
Thank you
Ray Lydon

Claire Buck - customer

To Whom it may concern
I recently had a shoulder procedure and was left with a small scar. After speaking to Rachel Hainsworth she recommended I try an Avon product call Skin so Soft.
She gave me 28 days free trial of the product and it was the perfect solution as the scar has healed beautifully and not only that the was no hard sell, the product was extremely competitively priced.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel or the Avon collection of Products ro friends and associates.
Thank you for your help
It was very much appreciated
Kindest Regards
Claire Buck

Jane Clynes - customer

I am delighted to have met Rachel through Avon and once again be able to order the fabulous Skin so Soft which is an essential part of my holiday products. Not only is it fantastic in keeping the mosquitoes at bay it also makes a great moisturiser giving a sun kissed glow for going out in an evening.
Before meeting Rachel I had never used any other Avon products which she has suggested and all of which I can now thoroughly recommend.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Avon and in particular Rachel and have already had friends order products. With her knowledge and enthusiasm it is a pleasure to buy Avon products.
Kind Regards

Jane Clynes

Mrs Schrippa - customer

My Avon Rep
Who is she?? Her name is Rachel Hainsworth and she’s one in a million. Efficient? Absolutely – but much more than that. She’s kind and friendly – a genuinely caring person who’ll go that extra mile to make sure I’m completely happy with everything I get from Avon. She’s also become a friend, never too busy to give a hug when she knows that life, at times, has been a little sad and anxious.
That’s Rachel – MY Avon rep – and a lovely lady
Jean Schrippa

Tracey Baruah - customer

Dear Rachel
As a busy teacher I do not spend much time and effort on make up, so I never thought that Avon products were for me.
However, after a few days away I came home to find a basket on the side in the kitchen. Unwrapping it revealed a whole series of pampering products, scrubs, soaps and things for the bath, plus a short poem, which my husband knew nothing about. I had been traveling all day so took immediate advantage and they definitely did the trick.
All in all the products were amazing and the selection was fantastic. The Avon range offers much more than just make up and I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel’s individually tailored pamper packs, which add genuine personal touch.
Sincerely yours
Tracey Baruah

Sarah Hull - Customer

As you know I have always had a reluctance to buy cosmetics online as I prefer yto see and sample the products before purchase.
However, you persuaded me to give it a go as you explained that Avon offered a 100% returns policy if I was not 100% happy with the product for whatever reason, including my own bad choice.
I sought your advice on one or two of the Avon products and I found you have been very patient, understanding and importantly very knowledgeable. For instance, you were able to explain the different scents of body mists which helped me select the right one for me. You see, I don’t like the smell of coconut or vanilla.
Ordering was easy and the products arrived promptly.
Although you did not save me from making one or two errors, in judgement where I had not sought your advice…. You were true to your word about how easy it was to return an unwanted item.
The whole experience has been a revelation and a positive experience I will be repeating.
I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel to anyone especially if they have little experience of buying cosmetics on line or they don’t have much knowledge of such matters in general.
Sarah Hull