Sue Cawthray - customer

Dear Rachel
After really liking a perfume some-one was wearing in the office and then was told it was an Avon product. I gave you the description over the phone and straight away you knew which one it was – you then explained to me the current offer that was available.
At the same time I ordered some clothing and I was unsure of the sizing so you told me of the options available to me and that I can order two different sizes and then I can return the items I didn’t want.
It is a long time since I have ordered anything from Avon and I didn’t realise the huge range of products that now includes clothing, gifts and accessories and much more and the ordering system that is now in place.
I ma very happy with my purchases and I will have no hesitation in recommending Avon, but equally important yourself to my friends, relatives and contacts.
Kind Regards

Sue Cawthray

Holly Wyatt - customer

Dear Rachel
As Christmas was approaching, I had some last minute stocking fillers to get. Whilst it also being an extremely busy time in the office, the Avon linen sprays were such a lifesaver , and provided the perfect finishing gifts for some of my family and friends.
Despite putting the order in just two days before they were needed, not only did you deliver my order but also an extremely generous amount of testers for the rest of the office (which went down a treat).
It is easy to see why you are so highly praised every time I hear your name, as you clearly go above and beyond to provide a fantastic products abd always with a smile.
The linen sprays themselves were very well received, with a wide range of scents, perfect for the car and not only are fantastic value at just £1, you are also donating a small amount for a charity of your choice.
I’m looking forward to purchasing more products from you as it’s clear you want your clients to find the right products for them rather than just being interested in gaining a sale.
I have already been recommending your services to my family and friends, and I am excited to try out more Avon products.
Kindest Regards

Holly Wyatt

Ruth Charles - customer

Dear Rachel
I want to thank you so much for the Skin so Soft.
I thought it was a very good idea, especially in regards to the mosquitos. I myself do not get bitten but my husband Simon wraps himself up, slavers alsorts of lotions and potions and has various plugins when we go on holiday – and still manages to get bitten.
I told him I was buying some of this and he put his nose up to it. He told me he’d used I before and it didn’t work.
After he came back from Spain, he asked me where it was. I did question this as he told me it didn’t work and he admitted he has borrowed somebody else’s and on the only day he didn’t use it he got bit! And ‘apparently’ the stuff he had used preciously was different to this.
So all I can say is if my grumpy husband says it works – it works!!
Thanks again Rachel
Ruth Charles
RA Mortgages

Fran Galli – Customer

I found Rachel through Avon online. She brought a book straight away! She knows loads about the products & is really honest about things she recommends.

I trust Rachel's opinion  completely, she loves her job & her enthusiasm is infectious. Nothing is too much trouble. You'd be hard pressed to find a better Avon rep!