Top 9 Beauty essentials for Travelling

It’s that time of year again, all the schools are just about broken up and holidays are finally upon us.
With everything that is needed for a successful holiday we can’t forget about ourselves and our essentials
So here are some tips for the best items not to be forgotten.

1 Cleanser – Ideal when spending way too much time in the sun and the sea/swimming pool water. Make sure you use every night.
2 Tweezers and Razor – Quick tidy up when needed.
3 Sun Cream – A must please use on face and body and don’t forget to top up during the day
4 Dry Shampoo – if you just want a quick tidy up of your hair, perfect then for styling as usual (we don’t all have time for a hair wash) . Great for the odd time to use.
5 BB Cream – hides blemishes and evens skin tones.. Most give sun protection, and is light on the skin
6 Moisturiser – Your skin can get very dry on holiday. Always moisturise every day. after your shower..
7 Waterproof Mascara – An absolute must when on holiday – even if not going in the pool – the humidity can make some mascaras wet and smudge.
8 Lipstick/Lip gloss – As above preferably with a moisturiser in to keep lips from drying out.
9 Avons SSS insect repellent. This is an amazing product - it's a dry oil spray so keeps your skin soft and smooth and repels insects. I use every morning and evening by spraying all over after my shower - I don't rub in - I just leave for a few minutes.and I then apply sun screen and quick spritz again and I'm ready to get dressed.

Most importantly. enjoy your holiday