Vintage Avon

There are people who collect ‘old’ or ‘vintage’ Avon products…. I have to say I could be tempted myself – there are some beautiful things out there.

The prizes that reps used to get in the 1950s and 60s were stunning. The Mrs Albee figurines, lovely dinner services, beautiful crystal vases, to name but a few things. Families have passed these down and still proudly talk about Granny who loved serving her Avon customers. But Avon is now not just for the older generation – there are many millennial's who are proud Avon reps and now bringing Avon into the 21st Century. Avon has such a varied age limit for all reps – I myself have reps from 18 to my oldest rep being 83 in my team.

Avon really has come a long way in the last 130 years (over 60 years in the UK) ………… but to have say almost every day I’m asked about Topaze, Tasha. Occur perfume, and people wanting them to come back. I love being told about the original starter kit and the vintage products. What other company out there – has people from all generations able to talk about such a well-known brand.

I’m Proud to stand and talk about Avon every day. What was and now is your favourite Avon product?
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