Welcome to my website and blogs

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

I hope that all your questions have been answered - but please phone/text or email me for anything. I am here to help.

I will be updating my Blogs every week. With details of where Ive worked and the new and different things I have come across, along with hints and tips.

Obviously at this time of year - with less than a month to christmas.

My priority is definetly being organised. This is both as a rep (for my customers) as a Sales Leader (for my reps) and a Team Leader (for my Sales Leaders)

Everybody has receieved a newsletter with information on being organised over the Christmas period.

I myself have also bought all my customers a pressie - and written a card - so these all need preparing for my final delivery of their Avon before Christmas.

I am preparing all my brochures for the next 3 books, purely and simply then I wont be taking the extra time at christmas sorting them. Christmas as far as I am concerned is for my family. Although I will always be available as usual. We all need a break. I am taking 4 weeks off - what better job could there be :)

Thats is for now

Please feel free to call or text me - Im here to help

Rachel 07812 838635