What is BNI?

BNI stands for Business Network International
It's a network of businesses and runs in over 70 countries.

Why did I join?
I got invited to a meeting (thank you Paul Smith - UK Outdoor fitness), and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw, the people and the process, and I knew that I could give so much to the group in respect of referrals - and I know I will get them back, once I gain the trust and respect of other members. This will come in time. Although I have already received 3 referrals.

What day and times?
Varies group are on different weekdays but always from 6.30am-8.30am

Can you join?
You can ask for an invite to any meeting - but joining is not a definite. (ask me for an invite)

So explain more?
BNI only accept 1 person per business category to join each group - this locks out any competition.
Just because our group may have a plumber - doesn't mean another doesn't. It's always worth coming along to a meeting, and seeing what you think, plus gaining the network from them 2 hours, really is invaluable to YOUR business, you don't know who is in the room listening..

BNIs principle
BNIs principle is givers gain - and what this really means, if you give your time to others you will gain more to your business. If I find a referral for the builder he will want to find one for me.

At BNI you will know the 'quick' bit about a persons business. 1-2-1's you will find out so much more - and they will in turn find out more about your business and what you want from them and they want from you.

BNI best bits
It helps you build and develop, thinking about other people businesses as well as your own.

Why did I join?
I want to invest in my business. I want to learn and keep growing. BNI will give me this confidence to get back what I give. The times I find are perfect. 6.30 am -10am every Friday will give me time after the meeting to mix with others and network - listen to what they want and what I want for our businesses.

Are there loads of courses?
Yes there is (but they aren't compulsory - just a fantastic opportunity), and I will be on everyone if I'm not doing anything else. If I can learn and network more - I certainly will.

I'm not a builder!
My business is a million miles away from a plumber or a builder - but the cores of ALL businesses are the same - Customers, turnover and profit.
We all want to learn new skills, develop ourselves and network., and this is what BNI is all about.

Ask me for an invite 07812 838635 Ill get you in touch with the nearest group. Have you 2 hours spare one morning? Try it - I did. If there's an opportunity - Ill always try