What is the purpose of your business??

What is the purpose of your business?? Answer this question with the first thing that comes into your head.

To be fulfilled?

Teach others?

Pay off debts?

Change career or pathway?

Need a job?

Lifestyle change?

To help others?

Make money?

Need a car?

Need to be there for the family?

Need to make money?

Want to work from home?

Seen the opportunity?

Whatever your answer - and there are plenty. There is no right or wrong answer. But like any business you desire to start - think carefully if you have the time to put in. Certainly with Sales Leadership.Think of this is a new career - new opportunity. New Learning curve. Think about when people become Doctors/Nurses/Accountants - this doesn't happen over night - they have to be taught and taught well, they need to learn, and learn and practice and learn the procecdures, policies and all the structures involved in their new career/vocation. Becoming an Avon rep and certainly a Sales Leader (Team Leader) is just the same - you need to take time to learn the website, procedures, paperwork etc. This is no over night quick fix - this like most businesses if taken seriously can be a total lifestyle change - but it does take time. I will teach you everything I know. There will be plenty more blogs/newsletters/training courses and meetings available when you become part of my team. Rachel 07812 838635