What will 2020 bring?

So if you follow me on face book you will know I’ve had a lot of time due to illness, finally in October 2019 I had a major operation (unfortunately had to spend a few days under the Critical care team due to complications) thankfully due to our amazing NHS and the support of loved ones, I am now feeling so much better and I am back working .
I am so grateful for being with AVON – and my amazing Avon team and customers, the joys of Avon are that you really can run your business your way in your time. There are many of my reps and team leaders who just put a few hours in a month and that suits them, others that work on their businesses every day, and obviously they are growing quicker. I’ve had all in all approx. 6 years of not working full time on my business, yet I am proud to say I still have an amazing business, and customer base (and even manged to finish 109th in the whole of the UK as a rep in 2019).
So moving forward to 2020 this is the year that I will be growing again, but increasing my customers, new reps and team leaders both on and offline.
I am putting it down in writing for everyone to see that I am planning to achieve a holiday again (last one was 2014), this time it is 4 nights, all-inclusive, 5 star hotel in Mauritius (yes a long way to go for 4 days (but this can be increased)…………….. and who wouldn’t work their business for this amazing opportunity, and what’s more this is open to everyone in Avon, whether you are a brand new rep or a well-established rep like me…. Or again a brand new team leader or like me a well-established one. This is open to anyone and everyone……………… so how would you like to join Avon??
I will help and support you to what you want, your why, and your vision. Together we can achieve more, whether you have 1 hour every 3 weeks or 12 hours a day free, Avon really can and will fit round you and your priorities.
For more information please complete the below and I’ll be in touch
Rachel x